Bob Marley’s Family To Sell Canna...

Bob Marley’s family is putting up a line of cannabis, oils, lotions and other products under the trading name “Marley Natural.” The family plans...


Miley Cyrus Models For New Business...

Highly-successful recording artist Miley Cyrus had posted a bizarre photo of her naked self in Instagram sporting a new line of fake teeth on Wednesda...


Ottawa Shootings Could Be Reprisal ...

A gunman armed with a rifle or shotgun had wounded a corporal guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier in the National War Memorial. He then entered t...


People in UK Urged to Speak With Do...

Did you know that dementia could just be around the corner if your memory is slipping and you are constantly suffering from tiny memory lapses? A new ...

Bob Marley’s Family To Sell Cannabis Brand “Marley Natural”

Bob Marley’s family is putting up a line of cannabis, oils, lotions and other products under the trading name “Marley Natural.” The family plans to start activities by the year 2015.

The brand, a partnership between the family of Reggae Icon Bob Marley and a Seattle-based private equity firm, would be the first globally-recognised cannabis brand with marijuana products. The brand name will appear on all product packages.

Bob Marley often referred to marijuana as “the herb.” He sees it as something spiritual that awakens a person’s well-being, deepen their reflection and connect them to nature and liberate their creativity.

The two parties came to an agreement a few weeks after the US legalised marijuana in Colorado and Washington for recreational use. The brand will then produce and sell globally, enter into licensing agreements concerning production and packaging requirements.

Meanwhile, the sale of marijuana worldwide is illegal, yet some European and South American countries had decriminalised its sale. In the Netherlands, coffee shops could sell marijuana. Israel and Canada allow for its medicinal use. Uruguay had legally bound marijuana to cigarette levels.


Miley Cyrus Models For New Business Venture Involving Bizarre Fake Teeth

Highly-successful recording artist Miley Cyrus had posted a bizarre photo of her naked self in Instagram sporting a new line of fake teeth on Wednesday.

Apparently, Miley has partnered up with Billy-Bob Products to launch a fake-teeth collection. Called the Miley-Bob teeth, the manufacturer claim to have used the favourite designs of Miley Cyrus and comes with a special Miley-Bob insert card.

She also appeared on Instagram Sunday wearing a schoolgirl-inspired outfit that exposed her bellybutton but covered the rest of her body, including her legs in black leggings. She also wore her hair in a white clip and wore safety pin earrings.

Miley is known for her stage antics that almost exposed parts of her womanhood. Her figure is often revealed in her clothes, such as the black floor-length dress she wore Thursday last week. The Wrecking Ball singer had donated £120,000 to an amfAR Inspiration Gala event in Hollywood on Wednesday. She also bid about £180,000 on a photograph by Ryan McGinley, bringing her total contributions to £230,000.

Miley Cyrus is rumoured to be dating Patrick Schwarzenegger.


Ottawa Shootings Could Be Reprisal of Islamic State in Canada

A gunman armed with a rifle or shotgun had wounded a corporal guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier in the National War Memorial. He then entered the Parliament building and fired multiple shots until he was shot and killed. Authorities have confirmed that attacks were linked to Islamic extremism.

Political analysts see that Canada might be a target for Islamic State (IS) reprisal. The terrorist group may have organised the attack, or the Canadian radical might be moving on his own.

The Gunman, named as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, originally named Michael Joseph Hall, had a criminal history of offenses that included robbery and drug possession.

Ottawa, part of Canada’s central business district, was shut down as authorities rushed into the scene to secure the Parliament building and move occupants to safety. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had assisted the Ottawa police to specify the number of gunmen.

The wounded soldier died at the hospital while the assailant was shot multiple times until he died. The wounded soldier was identified as CorporalNathan Cirillio, an army reserve member from Hamilton, Ontario.

This is the third in a week as a radical jihadist had run over two soldiers at a strip mall in Montreal.


People in UK Urged to Speak With Doctor if Memory Slipping

Did you know that dementia could just be around the corner if your memory is slipping and you are constantly suffering from tiny memory lapses? A new report by senior doctors in the UK highlights the problem, and suggests even doing small things such as forgetting to turn off a light or not remembering where you left the keys could mean that dementia is as little as 12 years away.

The report is not meant to scare you, but rather doctors hope it will act as an incentive to get more people visiting their local health center for checks.

Ultimately, there is a significant window of opportunity for treatment when it comes to the early stages of dementia, which means even if you have the smallest of symptoms it would be beneficial for you to speak with a qualified doctor so you can be fully examined.

Currently, there are nearly 900,000 people in the UK who suffer from some form of dementia, but this number is expected to hit the 2 million mark in as little as 30 years. That’s why a lot of research is being done in the area, so both treatment and early detection will improve over the coming years.

It is even thought that supplements will soon be introduced into the marketplace that will help to improve memory and help people in the early stages of dementia. At the time of writing, there is very little on the market that fits this description, although experts are hopeful this will soon be reversed.

Quite possibly the closest thing on the market that fits this description is a product called phytoceramides. The vast majority of people use phytoceramides to help slow down aging of the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but new research suggests that it may also help boost memory in people who are often forgetful.

Unfortunately, phytoceramides are not yet available to buy in UK supermarkets, although you can still buy a bottle on the internet. More specifically, Amazon is the site of choice for most consumers, as they are trustworthy and always ship the product extremely fast.

If phytoceramides supplements end up working out for you, then you will pleased to hear that they are relatively inexpensive compared to similar products out there. A month’s supply of phytoceramides should cost you no more than £20, which means you don’t have to break the bank in order to get the product on a regular basis.

Australian Air Force Plays Support Role Against ISIS in Iraq

Australia’s presence in the Islamic State battlefield is represented by its Wedgetail early warning aircraft, control aircraft and refueller aircraft. According to the Australian Defence Ministry, Australia is only to play an assisting role in the war against the extremist group.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom and France had launched air strikes against ISIS targets in other areas only in Iraq. The two countries will deliberate whether to support the United States’ bombing runs in Syria, where the ISIS stronghold is located.

The Islamic State (IS) is one of the Syrian opposition groups fighting against the strong-handed rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It gained power after Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries funded and armed Syrian rebel groups. Their fight against the Syrian regime had also strengthened their skills and increased their numbers.

The Islamic State had also shown several videos of beheading foreign hostages James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines. They have threatened to kill Alan Henning, a medical aid worker from the UK, and John Cantlie, a UK freelance journalist.

Australian bombers are currently stationed in the United Arab Emirates along with French Rafale Aircraft. The Iraqi government has yet to make a specific request for Australia to step up its operations into combat, according to Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.


US and Allied Nations Hit Targets After First Air Strike

According to Pentagon Spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby, fighter and bomber jets and Tomahawk missiles have been used in the attack against the Islamic State (IS).

Under Obama’s pledge to weaken the terrorist group, the US had undertaken 190 air strikes since August.

However, Rear Admiral Kirby did not give details about the US and Allied operations in Syria and Iraq

“Given that these operations are ongoing, we are not in a position to provide additional details at this time,” he said in a statement. The US air strikes in Syria had been made by US Central Command General Lloyd Austin under the authorisation of the commander in chief, US President Barack Obama.

Obama had declared that anyone threatening the United States will not find any “safe haven”, including Syria.

The Islamic State has executed two American freelance journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and a British national, David Haines, who was an aid worker helping the injured in the Syrian Civil War. They have taken large areas of Iraq and have executed captive soldiers and threatened to induce genocide against large religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

BBC had also found that Arab nations had also taken part in the aerial strikes aside from coalition forces.


Putin Encourages Ukraine Negotiating Directly with Pro-Russian Rebels

Russian President Vladimir Putin had called upon Ukraine to begin talks with Pro-Russian Rebels regarding eastern Ukraine’s “statehood.” The political gaffe caused controversy as Putin only meant to indicate that the two parties must surrender to an unconditional ceasefire and replenish their natural gas supplies for the coming winter.

Putin said that “We must immediately begin substantive, meaningful negotiations, not on technical questions, but about the political organisation of society and the statehood of Ukraine’s southeast for the unconditional securing of the legal interests of the people who live there.”

Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov said that Putin meant not to call for independence regarding eastern Ukraine, but to seek inclusive negotiations to provide greater autonomy for the southeast.

Meanwhile, Russia is in peril of additional sanctions from the European Union as leaders vowed to toughen economic sanctions against Russia if the Ukrainian crisis failed to become stagnant or die down.

After meeting in Minsk, Putin had praised Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for being “a partner with whom dialogue can be conducted.” Putin had called for the pro-Russian rebels to open corridors to allow Ukrainian troops to retreat. However, the rebels demanded the Ukrainian forces surrender their artillery and heavy vehicles.

The west and Europe continue to suspect Russia of supporting the Pro-Russian rebels. Evidence of 10 Russian paratroopers arrested inside Ukraine showed that Russian fighters were battling alongside the pro-Russian rebels.


Ukrainian Refugee Convoy Attacked, Drivers Said That They “Waved the White Flag”

According to the Ukrainian military, a pro-Russian rebel group had fired rockets against a refugee truck, whose survivors said they had “waved the white flag.” The assault had killed dozens of people as 15 bodies have been recovered. Among the casualties were women and children.

The Pro-Russian rebels have denied any involvement.

Fighting continued between the Rebels and the Ukrainian military in central Luhansk and Donetsk, currently besieged as artillery continued to shake the rebel stronghold.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin would be meeting for possibility of peace talks in Minsk, Belarus on August 26.

According to the Ukrainian military, the victims had burned inside the convoys as rockets landed. The attack took place in the villages of Khryashchuvatye and Novosvitlivka, eight miles southeast of Luhansk. The refugees had already hung out white flags. Ukrainian military intelligence said that the military escort trucks it travelled with made it a target of rebels.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence had released a video that showed soldiers were helping people escape the area and showed other survivors running from the burning wreckage.

One of the survivors, a woman tending a young man with a bandaged leg, said the rocket hit a vehicle with 15 people and shrapnel from the wreckage had landed into another truck.


Russia’s Political Stance on Ukraine May Vary

According to political analysts, the wisest thing for Russia to avoid falling into recession because of economic sanctions by western countries and the EU is to stop supporting the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, but it will not submit easily. According to Oxford Economics Adam Slater, Putin’s political image is a strong leader that could stand up against the Western World and the defender of ethnic Russian nations abroad.

US President Obama warned that Putin should stop the support to gain economic relief, but he also added that people may not always act rationally.

According to Putin Observer Andrei Kolesnikov, the best time for the Russian government to pull out from Pro-Russian militants the crashed MH17 flight  had given an opportunity. Putin could appear as one having honour and defiant of involving children, elderly and all civilians in a political crisis.

However, Konstantin Kalachev of the Moscow Political Expert Group, said that Putin cannot disown the pro-Russian and that he is left with only “bad moves” as in chess.

The rebellion began after the previous pro-Russian government of Ukraine had been ousted. As a western-aligned government took control of Ukraine, pro-Russian rebels led by former Russian officers began.

The MH17 was a focal point of the bad moves Putin currently has on hand. It only soured his relationship with the western world. It had also urged many European countries to increase defence budget spending against the new tactics and strategies of Russia.


Rival Libyan Militia In-Fighting Causes 47 Deaths

About 47 people have died in clashes between rival Libyan militias vying for control over Tripoli’s international airport. According to the Health Ministry, the battle in Tripoli caused by Islamist militias from Misurata attacked the airport. Meanwhile, Zintan militias are occupying the airport. The battle of the two factions have lasted for over a week.

A $113 million passenger jet of Afriqiyah Airways was destroyed on Sunday after the clashes between the two factions. According to Libya’s Transportation Minister Abdelkader Mohammed Ahmed, it was the Libyan fleet’s pride as it had flown into South Africa, Bangladesh and China.

The terminal was ridden with bullet holes and debris from fragments.

The Health Ministry still has no comprehensive count on the number of people who have been killed and wounded in the skirmishes.

Meanwhile, Libya is in a state of political instability because of the militias. The clashes had forced government offices, gas stations and banks to close. The militias have also targeted activists and government officials. Recently, two lawmakers were kidnapped in the Tripoli suburbs.

A renegade general in Benghazi, Khalifa Hifter, had five of his soldiers killed after Islamist militias have attacked a barracks of his men. General Hifter had vowed to crush all Islamist Militias in Libya.